QuickRounds® was developed by an experienced team which possesses 20 years of knowledge in billing medicare and insurance for wound care dressings.  We have worked closely with nursing homes to make sure we have developed a system that will be beneficial for all.  We are constantly in communication with our customers and striving to make QuickRounds™ the best wound site management software available, as the industry grows and changes so will our software.

This software provides the healthcare professional with an easy to use, bedside documentation tool that will dramatically reduce the time required to collect information and order appropriate products for your wound care patients. It also offers our state of the art, patented Reimbursement Advisor, a tool that helps guide medical staff in choosing the approved dressing types and allowable quantities for staged and surgical wounds.

This web based application stores and archives all patient wound sites and associated information as well as places "guided" product order taking into account current insurance reimbursement guidelines.  Patient information, advisement and product ordering are all handled in a single application. A companion, web based tool allows remote access of all records.

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