Save Money
• Cut dressing costs by as much as 70%
• Patented Reimbursement Advisor™ guides the medical team through
  selecting the correct dressing types and allowable quantities for

Refine Inventory and Order Management
• Eliminate inventory of expensive dressing supplies- zero inventory
• Receive weekly orders for dressing changes per your current
• Orders are packaged and delivered individually by site to the unit
• Direct to vendor ordering via the Internet - no calling or faxing
• Product is priced by the each- no expensive case purchasing

Nursing Benefits

• Information availability shared throughout the facility or chain via the  
• QuickRounds™ automatically tracks each assessment week to week        
   and reports missing documentation
• Drastically reduce documentation time
• Charting and record keeping consistency from unit to unit
• Mobile documentation on laptop or update via your current desktop
• Complete charting reporting system- Flow sheets-Progress notes- No   
  Assessment or Notes Report
• Web-based software allows you to access data from any location that
   has internet access

Administration Benefits

• No expensive expenditures on hardware –QuickRounds™ can be
   utilized on most current desktops
• HIPAA compliant
• Login and password protected
• Cash flow sensitive software – eliminate holding cost –receive a weeks
  worth of product based on your last assessment only

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